DPM 2019 shows 0 B in Console

For some reason the SCDPM Console occasionally shows that the storage consumed for a resource is 0 B. And this figure is not being updated automatically.

While the backups and restores are fine, the number stays 0 B.
To update this number you have to run the DPMSync tool.

For a single Resource or VM

First get the DataSourceID from the SQL Database via SQL Management Studio
Run the following SQL Query on your DPM Database:

Select  * from dbo.tbl_IM_DataSource where DataSourceName LIKE 'Th-vm\VMNAME' 

Copy the DataSourceID and run it in the DPM Powershell Console with the following command:

DPMSYNC -ReconcileStorageInfo 2BEB3AF4-AF3C-44EF-B72B-D0642E0E940C

Restart the DPM Console

The storage consumed will now show the right value.

This can also be done via Powershell:

$SQLQuery = Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query " Select  * from DPMDB.dbo.tbl_IM_DataSource where DataSourceName LIKE 'Th-vm\VMNAME'" -ServerInstance "Computer\Instance" | ForEach-Object Datasourceid

DPMSYNC -ReconcileStorageInfo $SQLQuery

For multiple resources:

$SQLQuery = Invoke-Sqlcmd -Query "select  * from DPMDB.dbo.tbl_IM_DataSource WHERE ProtectedGroupId NOT LIKE 'NULL'" -ServerInstance "Computer\Instance" | ForEach-Object Datasourceid

ForEach ($SQLQ in $SQLQuery) {
	DPMSYNC -ReconcileStorageInfo $SQLQ

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2 Responses

  1. Ingo Dettmar says:

    I have the issue that the storage consumed does not display 0 B but a dash (-).
    Backups work, but all data sources do not display space consumed. Your command ran fine, but it still doesn’t show the space. Any ideas?

    • Remco van Diermen says:

      Hi Ingo, unfortunately not. I’ve never experienced the dash in the console. Perhaps it’s a difference in DPM versions? On what version are you running currently?

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